lady Deb W.
My increased endurance and cardio kept me from spending the night in the airport.
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  lady2 Teresa B.
With a structured routine and proper mentoring, I have gotten in great shape
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Two 30-minute sessions per week is enough


Over training is the most common mistake


Muscle burns calories while you are sleeping



Fitness/Wellness is culturally huge and still gathering momentum


This represents a very practical low overhead business for you


Vaught Fitness Consulting provides everything to qualify you and continued support with additional savings



Mission Statement
To simplify things for anyone who has ever considered having their own business as a fitness professional in “STRENGTH TRAINING”.  My plan provides complete necessary working knowledge for the fitness training plus answers all the other questions regarding the start up and operating of your studio.

Sharing sources and discounts for every thing needed to outfit any size facility.   A totally comprehensive strategy which represents tremendous savings in time and money by eliminating additional research.          

Presenting an opportunity to qualify yourself as a trainer and consultant prepared to help others in fitness/wellness through wholesome methods of practical time efficient strength training and proper nutrition.

What is Included

Over 15 chapters of valuable information covering all aspects of personal training and consulting

Plus much more and if you'd prefer to discuss it now, there's "FREE" Pre-Consulting

Contact :
Phone : 812-305-7071

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