Dick C.
You will find very few with the fitness working knowledge of Vince Vaught.
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  lady2 Ken B.
Vince can and will do everything he can to make your business experience with him the best.
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Two 30-minute sessions per week is enough


Over training is the most common mistake


Muscle burns calories while you are sleeping



Fitness/Wellness is culturally huge and still gathering momentum


This represents a very practical low overhead business for you


Vaught Fitness Consulting provides everything to qualify you and continued support with additional savings


When seriously considering a low investment home based business you will appreciate this plan dedicated to making anyone an independent fitness professional.

Designed by Vince Vaught, a champion & consultant in fitness for over 30 yrs., here is the complete approach and all working knowledge necessary to earning money with virtually no overhead in your private facility at home.

Understand why fitness & strength training is the perfect option today for your business and how easy you can become a fitness pro who enjoys profiting while helping others. Learn how to establish a position in the growing wellness culture where correct strength training is recognized as the primary method. See how this applies to everyone and why your clients prefer privatized fitness by appointment.

Vaught Fitness Consulting has a mission to assist in all aspects and save you money. Contact us for information regarding certification, free ongoing consulting, and discounts for everything needed to launch & operate your new career.

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Phone : 812-305-7071

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Support and assistance for all fitness enthusiasts and professionals
* general consulting
* personalized workout routines
* weight management / nutritional
* equipment needs: strength, cardio and accessories
* help for beginners, boomers and seniors